The most popular student contact and recruitment event in Tampere since 1991.

Yrityspäivät will be held on 31.1.-1.2.2024.

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City centre 31.1.

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Hervanta 1.2.

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Yrityspäivät 2024 Speaker introductions

31.1.2024 City Center Campus

Hanna Tikander, Wednesday 31.1. at 1 p.m.
Main Building auditorium A210

Hanna Tikander is an entrepreneur, podcast host, influencer and writer.
She is the host of the popular Mimmit sijoittaa and Selvin päin podcasts, where she shares her personal experience of self-development, career building and sobriety.

Since 2018, Hanna has been building her strong personal brand while inspiring thousands of young women to take control of their finances and encouraging them to pursue their careers fearlessly.

Unfortunately, Hanna will be speaking only in Finnish.

Yrityspäivät 2024 Speaker introductions

1.2.2024 Hervanta Campus

Arman Alizad, Thursday 1.2. at 1 p.m.
Festia auditorium FA044

Arman Alizad, journalist and speaker, talks about life through his own personal experiences and how he has chosen to experience and see life. Arman is best known for his award-winning TV series Arman ja Viimeinen ristiretki and Täällä Pohjantähden alla.

Arman is often considered courageous, but in his own words he knows nothing about courage, but everything about fear. According to Arman, courage is not the absence of fear, but the fact that something is more important than fear.

Unfortunately, Arman will be speaking only in Finnish.


Yrityspäivät job fair is Finland’s largest networking and recruitment event for university students. Every year over a hundred companies attend the event to find motivated students.


At Tampere University’s City centre and Hervanta campuses. You can also find Yrityspäivät on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, stay tuned!


Wednesday 31.1.2023 at City center campus and Thursday 1.2.2023 at Hervanta campus,  from 10:00 to 16:00.


Start your career path at Yrityspäivät!

Job Search Theme Week "Työnhaun Teemaviikko"


Before the main event, join us on the traditional Job Search Theme Week.

Even the best employee can be left unnoticed if the job seeking skills are not on point. During the Job Search Theme Week, you will gain rock hard job seeking skills and the employers will most certainly notice you! Tips and assistance are provided on, for example how to ace in building your CV and how to convince the interviewers. You’ll also have a chance to get yourself photographed by a professional for your CV. By participating in the Theme week program, you are one step closer to your dream job!

Note that some of the sessions require registering and the last day to register is 27.11. All the sessions are free of charge.


Find the future talents at Yrityspäivät!

For companies

Want to participate Yrityspäivät 2024 as an exhibitor?

Yrityspäivät is a great way to find talented employees for your company! If your company is interested in participating Yrityspäivät as an exhibitor, contact us by email, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible about the details.

The theme of Yrityspäivät 2023 was international competence and our goal is to make Yrityspäivät even more visible for the international students of Tampere University. In addition to the internationality of Finnish students, we also want to emphasize foreign excellence. More than 1,000 international exchange or degree students arrive in our university every year. We want every student in our university community to be able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Yrityspäivät for career development and networking. In addition, we want to provide an easy way for companies to meet exchange and degree students who may have significant skills in terms of the company’s talent pool.

Read some awesome career stories!

Story 1 - Lucas Machado

1. What is the study program you graduated from?

I graduated from the Master’s Degree Program in Software Development at Tampere University.

2. Where are you currently working and what is your work position? How did you discover this position?

I am now working full time as a System Specialist for Demola Global, and part time as a Project Researcher for Tampere University.
I was an exchange student in University of Tampere during 2013-2014 and in that period I participated in a summer job for Demola for a Ministry of Education challenge which was very successful. That allowed me to build a good professional network in Tampere, and even though I had to come back to Brazil for a few years, I kept nourishing those connections. When they knew that I returned to Finland in 2017, they invited me to work with them.
The part time job as a Researcher at the University I got as a result of my Master’s thesis. The topic is interesting in the research community and my work got published, so my supervisor invited me to extend it.


3. What kind of skills and competence did you get from studies and/or exchange etc. that have benefited you in working life?

I would say the most important skills for every kind of work are working in teams, ability to multitask, committing to deadlines, giving presentations and being able to effectively find information on literature and internet.
More specifically to my current work, Big data is a hot topic and the courses I had at the university helped me to have several applicable insights, especially when together with Information Visualization.

4. How would you describe the significance that your past summer job experiences and your thesis work have had on your career?

They were very important and had direct influence in my career. I got my current job in Demola because of the networking I built during my summer job in 2014. The topic of my thesis – Recommender Systems for Team formation – was inspired by Demola and recently also got me this research position at the university, in which I’m extending my thesis work.




Story 2 - Józefina Karinen

1. What is the study program you graduated from?

I have graduated from Industrial Engineering and Management, majoring in International Sales and sourcing. My previous academic background is in Production Engineering.

2. Where are you currently working and what is your work position?

I am working as a Supply Chain Engineer at a nanotechnology company, Beneq Oy. We develop industrial coating equipment and technologies for the needs of industry.

3. How would you describe the significance that your past summer job experiences on your career?

I have conducted several internships without giving it much thought beforehand. Turns out, they really shaped my career. I started out as an intern performing various lean related activities, went on to assisting in export processes, after which I ended up in procurement (all in three different companies). Now I am responsible for procurement and logistic operations, and part of various innovation projects within the company.

4. What kind of skills and competence did you get from studies that have benefited you in working life?

For starters, studying in various international environments benefited me a lot. It taught me there are different ways to approach business problems and each view brings in value. I also found practicing agile thinking very valuable, and learnt it is important to always question current ways of doing things. Especially I would say the best thing I have gained during my studies is the confidence in myself and the value I bring to the company.

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