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UTA 7.2.2018
TUT 8.2.2018

Yrityspäivät is the largest networking and recruitment event for university and college students in Finland. It gathers together over 120 companies and organizations and thousands of students to build connections with one another. The first day of Yrityspäivät 2018 will be organized at the University of Tampere (on the 7th of February), and the second day at Tampere University of Technology (on the 8th of February).

Start your career path at Yrityspäivät.

Yrityspäivät offers a great opportunity to find an internship, a permanent job, a subject for your thesis or to learn how to be the best applicant for a job. Come and begin to network!

Find the future talents at Yrityspäivät.

Book your stand at Yrityspäivät and come to encounter future leaders, specialists, customers or partners for your company or organization.

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